Rabbits Galore: Hobby Farm

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New Location & We have a Facebook page

Hello we have recently change locations from Anoka MN to the Mankato MN area. Also our most up to date information can be found on our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/RabbitzGalore/

2018 bunnies are here

We have one dutch bunny so far (see photos Here, who'll be ready in 2 weeks or about January 13th) and the Holland lop bunnies are due by the end of January (Should be ready to go by mid March). Please let us know if you'd like dutch or Holland lops so that I can plan accordingly.

The litters of 2010

The grey and black Holland Lops from the litters of 2010.


August 2015 - Took the bunnies on an outing

I took the bunnies to U of Mankato to play with people, everybody had a lot of fun as you can see here on facebook

August 2015 baby bunnies are here!!!!

New baby bunnies are here, check out our facebook for more information. 


DIY - Heated Water Dish


Instructions Here: Insctructables on Assembly 

2014 - Fall

No more baby bunnies till spring, there is plenty of room on our waiting list though, but here are a couple videos from the rabbit herd to hold you over until then.


2014 (2nd week of 2nd litter) - Pure bred Holland Lop Bunnies

The baby lops are coming along nicely, there are 5 of them and boy are they cute. These bunnies are so tame that they've been licking us.

2014  (2nd litter of the year) - Pure bred holland lop bunnies

The baby lops were born last night (6/7/2014), they are all healthy and there are 4 of them so far.

2014 - New designer breed dutch/holland-lops baby bunnies

Second litter of 2013 Xmas/New-Years bunnies

Okay so I did not plan this, but we now have a second litter of Christmas bunnies. They were born on November 26 and will be ready to go Christmas eve/day (December 25/26). By New Years day they will be even older and definitely ready to go. There are three black/grey (too early to tell) and three white. Below is a picture of their siblings and this should be what they will look like in a couple weeks:


XMAS 2013 baby bunnies

Surprise, we have xmas rabbits. I had know idea this would happen, but I guess the mommy bunny was a little later than expected.

May 2012 Litter

The 2012 spring litter, born april 20th, has six Holland lops which are speckled and black. See photo below:

Rabbits Galore

Rabbits Galore has been raising rabbits since 1995. We pride ourselves on raising rabbits that come from good breeding stock, pure breeds that are not pedigreed, that are gentle enough for the smallest child to handle, and soft/silky enough for cuddling. 

The litter of 2011

The 2011 spring litter, born may 1st, has eight Holland lops which are grey and black. Grey bunny seen in below photo.